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A Copper Desert
screenprint, 15 x 20"
November 2003

A number of my prints are considered illustrations for children’s books not yet written. They’re the images I wanted hanging in my room when I was a kid. Some are childhood memories; some are more recent dreams that fit the mood.

“A Copper Desert” is part of that collection. It’s the long ago, far away idea of adventure. Two kids on a desert adventure in a rickety red put-put plane flying over some kind Bedouin tramping along below.

Others in this collection include “Reptile Rodeo,” “In the Cajun Kitchen,” “Marjan the Lion” and “Noojikwewe.” Most involve an animal and a kind person.

An odd note regarding “A Copper Desert”: It was created in a single printing marathon during a lonely Thanksgiving weekend when I didn’t travel to visit family. Of a 72-hour weekend, 56 hours were spent in studio bringing this print from start to finish.

to the Children's Books Not Yet Written series

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