Brian Hartley Sago
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Una Noche con Fuego Flamenco
screenprint, 15 x 20"
August 2004


This print was the cornerstone image for the 2004 solo exhibit "El Jaleo del Duende"


Review of the exhibit by Erin Maurelli

Opening this month at La Bodega in Minneapolis is the newest body of art works by local artist, Brian Sago. The show's title, "El jaleo del duende" invokes the spirit of Spanish dancers who, driven by the energy of the music, let loose spontaneous cries at the moment of musical climax. Art teacher, printmaker and dance enthusiast, Sago has spent the past nine years in Minneapolis developing his unique art.

The exhibit is made up of a dozen prints, screenprinted on paper and silk. Tall silk banners, accented with ribbons fill the gallery in deep inviting shades, reminiscent of traditional flamenco costume. Photographic images taken during the last year have been translated into flat areas of color, overlapping to reveal dancing figures and Spanish architecture. Sago's artistic influences are clear. He has combined the flatness and bawdy expressive style of Lautrec, with the acute attention to the human form indicative of Degas. Working with the local group Fuego Flamenco, Sago captures the simple grace of the dancers bodies, while simultaneously giving voice to the stirring, seductive music which is unmistakable.

Sago's intent with this exhibit is three-fold; to break with traditional hanging techniques and bring the prints out from behind glass, to introduce a human element to the work through the use of richly textured and colored fabrics, and to draw the viewer's attention to the beautiful cultural history of gypsies in southern Spain. Visitors will agree that Sago has achieved his goals through the innovative use of textiles and sensitive treatment of the human form.


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