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King Faisal Embarks for Paris
intaglio, 4 x 10"
June 2006

“King Faisal Embarks for Paris” was the first print in a series about current political boundaries in the Middle East. Inspiration for the image came from the political shifts at the end of World War I. Much of the present state of affairs in the Middle East stems from the 1919 Treaty of Versailles and the Balfour Declaration in which the British and French created new national boundaries—a “road map of the Middle East”—and in some cases entirely new nations.

In 1919, King Faisal ibn Husayn of Iraq traveled to Paris to help with negotiations of the Versailles Treaty. He had been appointed a couple years earlier by the British and was the son of the new King of Saudi Arabia (also helped to power by the British.) “Faisal Embarks for Paris” is about Faisal’s journey to attend those treaty negotiations.


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