Brian Hartley Sago
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St. Albinus, Patron Saint of Protection from Pirates
screenprint with artificial gold leaf and watercolor, 22 x 29"

edition of 3
July 2009

St. Albinus of Angers was known in his lifetime for using church money to ransom hostages from pirates. Centuries after his death a town about to be attacked by pirates prayed for his aid and the pirate attack was mysteriously ended. Here, St. Albinus finds relevance in the current century as he prepares to fend off a raid by Somali pirates.

The Curse of the Somali Pirates: I originally planned an intaglio series on Somali piracy and completed a bunch of drawings. I'd just begun the first plates when some thieves broke into my car and stole my bag--along with my camera and the sketchbooks full of Somali pirate drawings. An eyewitness got the license plate but couldn't identify anyone in the police lineup, so the sketchbooks are lost. I had to re-draw most of the images and found that my drawing style had shifted a bit and the new drawings wouldn't match the plates I'd already begun. So instead of drawing the pirates, I sculpted them in clay, photographed the sculptures and put them in this print.


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